Strength and Success

The GRE is a strong, reliable predictor of success in graduate school. The words reliable and predictor are awesome words in research, basic and applied. If these words honestly describe some variable, then we know that not only does this variable tell us something about some outcome, but repeated measure of this variable will not change its ability to inform us about that outcome.

What about strong predictor? What about success?


Figure 1. Adapted from the online material from Kuncel & Hezlett (2007)

I’m purposefully leaving these as open questions. I’d like to know what others think about the meaning of strength and success in research. I’ve framed them with research on the GRE, but any comments that touch on the meanings (expand on definitions) of these words are welcome.


Kuncel, N. R., & Hezlett, S. A. (2007). Standardized tests predict graduate students’ success. Science.


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